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The attorneys at Roberts & Willie, PLLC are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services available at the greatest value possible. There are cheap attorneys and there are good attorneys, but there are rarely sophisticated attorneys with a wealth of experience who are nevertheless dogmatically value-oriented.


With each prospective client, the attorneys aim to assess their individual legal needs, in order to determine how they can provide streamlined legal services that meet the modern era's expectations as they relate to time, attention, accessibility and value. The attorneys don't back down from a fight, a negotiation or a transaction, but they also recognize where an attorney's value is limited and refuse to be the hold-up to a successful transaction.


Commercial Lending/Borrowing

Real Estate

Financial Transactions

​Mergers & Acquisitions

Non-Disclosure Agreements


Business to Business Contract

Negotiation and Drafting


The attorneys at Roberts & Willie, PLLC are purely transactional attorneys. We regularly represent clients on drafting and negotiating their non-disclosure agreements. In particular, we represent a number of the largest private equity companies in the world on their buy-side NDAs and assist a number of investment bank clients with their sell-side processes.


In a given month, we typically draft and negotiate between 400-600 NDAs and touch many of the largest M&A deals of the year. And unlike our BigLaw counterparts, we are generally able to do these projects at pre-negotiated fixed prices on pre-negotiated timelines to ensure they get done in an efficient and high-quality manner.


Several attorneys at Roberts & Willie, PLLC are experienced at closing financial transactions. Specifically, our expertise is in closing loans on behalf of financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and private equity groups.


To date, our attorneys have closed loans, ranging from loans to landlords of residential properties to large syndicated transactions on behalf of banks and private equity clients.


Typically, we are able to work out fixed fees for smaller to mid-size loans and firm estimates or even fee caps for our larger transactions. We appreciate that our clients want certainty and predictability.


We advise on M&A, Private Placements and Complex Contract Negotiation.

Our attorneys are well-versed in M&A transactions and private placements, including asset and stock purchases, the tax implications of complex transactions, making 338(h)(10) elections, and carrying out sophisticated private offerings. 
In these areas of the law the margins for error are very thin. We will advise how to carry out sophisticated transactions in a tax-efficient, time-efficient and strategic manner.
We also routinely draft and negotiate complex contracts, including MSAs, subcontractor agreements and similar agreements, with a particular focus in the transportation, manufacturing and real estate industries.

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